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Stunning Under The Georgian Sun

Lanier Islands Legacy Golf Course Is A Balance Between Beauty, Challenge, And Fun

It was an absolute privilege to play out at Lanier Islands Legacy Golf Course a few weeks back. It had been over 15 years since some of us had played it, well before the massive renovations and overhauls that have brought the course into top tier shape from start to finish. The vistas have always been spectacular, but now the conditions equal the scenery (which is hard to do).

With 10+ holes situated right alongside a cozy section of Lake Lanier, there are dozens of shots that mimic something you might see on the Atlantic coastline. Using the terra available, the course sacrifices length in favor of precision, but offers plenty of risk/reward as well. There are multiple holes where you can hit anything from driver to four iron off the tee, all depending on wind, pin placements, and how bold you are feeling. The best instance of this might be the seductive par 4 third hole. Measuring 350+ on the card, it’s an almost 90° dogleg left with water all up the left side. The direct carry line from the tee box to the front edge of the green is only about 275 yards (apx 265 to carry the water). It is VERY tempting to pull out the big hitter, but depending on your range of power, just a puff of wind or catching it slightly thin means that your Top Flight is rinsed and you’re in your pocket readying for a re-tee.

As mentioned, there are double digit holes in which you cozy up to Lake Lanier in some form or fashion. The routing is also satisfyingly symmetrical with holes 2-6 and 11-15 all playing right alongside the water. The par 3 second hole and par 3 fifteenth hole are two delicious short holes, with 15 being the more challenging of the two. Every par 5 is reachable, but requires that you take an aggressive line off the tee or risk making the hole 50 yards longer. Taking the aggressive line also runs the risk of you hitting into a forest of Georgia pines and shrubbery that is fit for an otter but not a golfer (we had more than one tee shot end up in this stuff…didn’t see any otters though).

Beyond the golf itself, the vibe at Legacy is A+. Being a resort destination, you’re likely to get a good mix of locals and out-of-town visitors. However, no matter where you’re from, the vibe is immediately palpable and makes you feel like you’re in Hawaii or New Zealand rather than North Georgia. Classic rock plays at nice volume from the clubhouse as you warm up on the range, and the entire staff is impeccably kind and courteous, everyone from the head pro to the cart staff to the grill staff (btw, one of the best egg sandwiches we’ve ever had, especially when paired with a local Terrapin IPA).

Legacy is one that we definitely recommend and one that we will definitely be returning to consistently. We imagine it can play, and look, significantly different as the seasons change but it can also be guaranteed that no matter the time of year, the course will be fun, challenging, and in fantastic shape.

Also, big shout out to Head Pro Gary Clarkson for hosting us.


Playability: Par
Course Conditions: Birdie
Design: Par
Scenery: Eagle
Practice Facilities: Bogey
Grill/Bar: Par
Drink Selection: Par
Staff: Albatross
Location: Birdie
Wow Factor: Birdie
Memorability: Birdie

Overall: -3(69) (that’s a good score if you didn’t know)